Cyprus Dataset:

A Cypriot settlement database has been created for the project which consists of 1,200 sites ranging from the Neolithic to the early modern period. The present dataset represents sites digitized from large regional surveys. The criteria for sites to be included in the current dataset included spatial coordinates, sites with clearly defined chronology, and surveys that expand beyond a single period foci. 

The full Cyprus Dataset for this project can be downloaded here and accompanies the data paper published in the Journal of Open Data Archaeology by Crawford and Vella (2022).


Map showing settlements in Cyprus



Northern & Southern Levant Dataset:

The Northern and Southern Levant dataset consists of 16,700 sites from the Neolithic to the early modern period. The first dataset was shared by the CRANE project and a second dataset was provided by Dan Lawrence and Alessio Palmisano based on the DAAHL.


 Map showing settlements in the Northern and Southern Levant